The Practice of Agnihotra


Agnihotra is easy to perform and takes only about 10 minutes if properly prepared. The following three short videos will inform you about the ingredients, preparation and performance of Agnihotra.


Agnihotra Ingredients

  • Agnihotra pyramid (copper vessel of given size)
  • Dried cow dung
  • Ghee (clarified butter without additives)
  • Brown rice/whole grain rice (whole raw grains) and a little bowl
  • Mantra (with knowledge of the correct pronunciation)

These ingredients are highly cleansing, balancing and neutral in their power. You will also need:




Preparation of Agnihotra

  • Please check the list of sunrise / sunset times for your present place and select the correct date and time.
  • Break some dry cow dung pieces into the appropriate size and spread them with ghee
  • Place the copper pyramid on the heat-resistant base
  • Mix some brown rice grains with ghee in the small bowl
  • Place beeswax candle, matches and clock next to it
  • Ensure that you have some kind of smoke outlet inside a building, or a wind shield if you are outside.




The Practice of Agnihotra

  • Four or five minutes before the exact time of sunrise or sunset, light one or two pieces of the prepared cow dung with the candle and put them inside the copper pyramid. Layer further cow dung pieces in such a way that air can circulate freely.
  • At the exact Agnihotra time, start chanting the morning or evening mantra. After each ‘svaha’, place a pinch of ghee-infused rice into the flames.

The performance happens without expectation, in the sense of "Na mama", i. e. "Thy will be done".




The book "Agnihotra - Origin, Practice and Applications" contains comprehensive information on the background, practice, applications and effects of the Agnihotra and the Agnihotra ash. This book is available as print version and E-book.

We care deeply about the unadulterated transmission and the simplicity of Agnihotra.

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