The most important Vedic fire technique (called Yajnya or Homa) is Agnihotra, which is practiced daily at sunrise and sunset.

Agnihotra has many positive effects that we and our earth are in need of:

  • Purification of the atmosphere, the soil and the water
  • Restoration of the ecological balance
  • To support the health of all living beings
  • For the production of healthy and tasty food
  • For the harmonisation of body, soul and mind, and for general well-being
  • For the promotion of one’s own inner spiritual growth

The practice of Agnihotra and the resulting ash both have astonishing effects.


Agnihotra ash

The ash is strongly alkaline with a pH-value of about 10,3. It contains all of 92 natural chemical elements in a harmonious ratio. In addition, the ash is very rich in minerals and is antibacterial as well as antifungal. Its subtle energy is extremely high.

The Agnihotra ash can be used in manifold ways. It can be applied externally or ingested internally in the form or powders, ointments and together with water, ghee and honey.


How Agnihotra works

Scientific studies about why Agnihotra has such manifold effects are still in the beginning stages. With Agnihotra, no destruction takes place – instead, new structuring and harmonisation ensues. Resonance and vibrations figure prominently. Agnihotra seems to encourage Nature’s intelligence. Whilst damaging bacteria are inhibited, the growth of useful bacteria, for example in the soil, is encouraged greatly. Some of the effects are measurable physically or chemically; for others, such as research into the subtle realms, there are no recognized measuring tools yet.




Agnihotra Asche



Several studies attest that Agnihotra reduces bacterial pollution by up to 96% (tests with bacterial colonies in culture dishes).

During one experiment the chemical components of sulphur oxide and nitrogen, alongside the number of air-borne suspended particles that are damaging to the respiratory system were measured before and after Agnihotra. The values increased for a short time through the process of incineration, but later decreased significantly below the initial value.

How strongly the air is purified through the practice of yajnya became clear in 1984 during a toxic gas disaster in Bhopal, India. Approximately 25.000 people died through leaked, extremely poisonous methylisocyanate. In midst of this catastrophe, fourteen people survived without consequential damage because they performed yajnya during that time.


According to studies, bacterial pollution in water is greatly reduced --in fact, up to 95% --through Agnihotra ash. This is also the case with fungi, staphylococci and streptococci. The pH-value normalises, the water hardness and the amount of solids and solutes decreases, and chloride, nitrate and sulphate are reduced significantly.

Water crystal photographs using the method of Dr Emoto show that wonderful crystals arise after the practice of Agnihotra. One time it was even possible to photograph an eight-pointed crystal, something that is unique to date. Even a small amount of ash is sufficient to inform and structure large quantities of water.


Through Agnihotra and its ash damaged soil is purified and revived. Positive microflora and microfauna develop. Because of this, microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae can generate a pure and loose soil. The high content of magnesium, phosphor and kalium enriches the soil, whereby the phosphor becomes water-soluble. Earth worms, which produce good humus, increase in quantity and the soil can store more moisture. The pH-value normalises.


After the nuclear reactor accident in Chernobyl it was ascertained that through the Homa fires it was possible to produce food that was free from radioactive radiation, even though high values were measured in the surrounding area. During one experiment radio-active rice was mixed with Agnihotra ash. Within two weeks the radioactive pollution sank from 200 Bg/kg to 3 Bg.

According to one scientist it is possible to excrete radioactive food through the ingestion of Agnihotra ash.

Agnihotra and its ash are also a good aid for earth radiation and water veins.

Living beings

We have summarized the effects of Agnihotra on humans, animals and plants in the articles "Homa Therapy" and "Homa Farming".


Correct performance

Studies of incorrectly performed Agnihotra (wrong timings, no mantra, different vessel etc.) have shown that the effects are greatly reduced with every change that takes place.

In addition

Once upon a time the gold that was concealed in the earth ensured that a high energy was radiated across the entire globe. Today a large part of that gold has been melted into bars and is locked away in a few safes in the big banks of the world. The earth is now not only missing the gold but most of all its energy. Because of this, nature is also weakened.

The ash that is created through the Homa fires carries a very high energy. Especially through the practice of Agnihotra extremely high energy arises that is conserved in the ash. It carries a similar energy to that of gold, perhaps even stronger. Through the world-wide performance of Agnihotra the task that was meant for gold can now be completed through the ash.

This information is contained in articles that were published under “Investigations“ and in the book "Agnihotra - Origin, Practice and Applications“, available as print version and E-book.

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