“There should be places with farm land where Homa fires are regularly performed to reveal the healing effects of Agnihotra on humans, animals and plants.”

These were the approximate words that Shri Vasant Paranjpe who spread Agnihotra worldwide spoke in 1988. About fifty interested people had gathered at Horst Heigl to listen to Vasant’s speech. A place to practice the Homa fires together sounded good, but farming? None of us had any idea of farming, nor had anyone been interested in it.

Immediately Horst picked up the idea and we were also quickly inspired. In the same year, a farm with 20 ha of land was acquired near Heiligenberg, and was called Homa-Hof (= Homa Farm). We founded an association to organize, manage and finance the project. This association is recognized as a non-profit organization in the field of environmental protection and is called today “Homa-Hof Heiligenberg e.V.".

The dwelling house had room for two families only; so we--all the other members--went to the Homa-Hof in our spare time whenever possible. The organization of the daily yajnyas was the first challenge: the first yajnya started at five o'clock in the morning, the last one at 9 p.m.






Without having detailed knowledge we started to farm parts of the fields (12 ha were leased). How amazed we were about the wonderful results! At that time, people imagined organic food as wrinkled apples with a worm in the middle, not palm-sized, red-cheeked fruits with a shiny, firm look. We were delighted about the abundant harvest, as our customers also were at the weekly market, and so we earned enough money to slowly start paying back the loan for the farm.

The next big challenge was ourselves. It took a while for us to see our diversity as a benefit. The great help of Horst was decisive for this. Together with his wife Birgitt he has been living at the Homa-Hof since 1990. He had once been instructed by Shree to train people in the Fivefold Path, and the Homa-Hof was perfect to practice it. Only then did it become clear how diverse and helpful these guidelines are and that they are indeed sufficient for a life of peace, inner freedom and great abundance.


Horst always reminded us to take nothing for granted, but to always thank our Creator and align our consciousness to Him. This is also a basic idea of the yajnyas, and we should also implement it in every activity, be it in planting, weeding, harvesting or renovating.

In between we frequently met (and still do today) to cultivate fellowship, to celebrate together, to laugh, to have meaningful discussions, to support each other. Charity is one of the highest virtues and Horst doesn’t cease to amaze us with the consistency and fineness with which he lives and transmits it.

Since many of us knew a bit about meditation, we were able to see and feel that the subtle energy (vibration) rose more and more in an increasingly larger radius. The Homa-Hof became a place of power from which this vibration radiates.






Soon we all wanted to share our many wonderful experiences with others. So we organized free lectures and seminars at the Homa-Hof, which became more and more popular. Above all, the "Homa farming" was very well received, because you can see the results with plants very quickly, and illusion is not possible. They are a visible proof of the effectiveness of the Homa fires.

Even if there are other aids and methods, we do not apply them on the Homa farm. This ensures that the results are actually due to the Homa fires and enables us to make clear statements.

It is a great pleasure for us to contribute to spreading the ancient Vedic wisdom. The yajnyas set off a harmonious cycle of giving and receiving and help to bring nature and all life back into a state of harmony.


Many of the founding members are still there today (after 30 years). Most of them had the great opportunity to meet Shree in person, who revived Agnihotra for today. So we received our knowledge first hand! We know what a blessing the guidelines given by Him are, in their clarity and universality - with unimaginable effects on all levels. We see the Fivefold Path as a connecting link between cultures, denominations and social strata. That is why it is important for us to add nothing, to make no conditions and to preserve it in its simplicity. At the Homa-Hof we see how different characters with different views can accomplish great things together, if they share a common goal: the will to selflessly help our world with everything that lives in it; initially in a small frame, but then spreading more and more like a pleasant scent. That's how Shree once described it.




We kindly invite you to visit us, to participate, help, learn, apply, to share. We have listed various options on the page “participate”. If you feel at home with us, if you feel better internally and externally, if you gain new abilities and these change your life positively, then this makes us happy, it shows that our commitment is not only of value to the environment, but also for our fellow human beings. You are welcome.

In our German annual magazine “Agnihotra Aktuell” No. 3 and No. 7 you will learn more about our community and in the books “Der Schauspieler in Seinem Dienst” you can read about the background of the Homa-Hof and the practical implementation of the Fivefold Path.




The Homa-Hof family at Easter 2019



Video Review of the year Homa-Hof 2017