Summer meeting 2021

Even though we had to cancel the Summer Meeting 2020 due to the constraints of the current situation, we have planned a Summer Meeting for 3 July 2021.

However, in order for it to take place in the style that we would like and consider appropriate for such a meeting, some looseing in the current conditions of the government is required.

Therefore, we will await the ongoing developments and announce changes of dates as early as possible on our homepage.

Visiting the Homa-Hof is still possible under compliance with the hygiene regulations. And so we are furtheron available on the field or in the farm shop for questions about Agnihotra.

Photos of our summer meeting on 6th July, 2019


The common evening Agnihotra
The common evening Agnihotra
Lecture on life and work of Shree
Lecture on the Fivefold Path
Introduction and Practice of Tryambakam Yagna
Introduction and Practice of Tryambakam Yagna
Introduction and Practice of Vyahruti Yagna
Walk around our vegetable beds
Vivid talk about beekeeping in Homa atmosphere
Books and music of Horst and Birgitt Heigl
Nice encounters on the forecourt
Booth with Agnihotra accessories
How to prepare ghee
Vegetables, honey, apple juice and more from our own production
Program for children
Puppet play performance
Program for children
Melon artwork of a visitor
Enjoying the atmosphere
The day after: the dismantling team takes a break